Choosing a Realtor Who is a Broker!!


What every Buyer and Seller should know about selecting a Real Estate Broker

The following questions and answers are designed to clarify a few areas of curiosity and concern regarding the Broker/client relationship.

1.      I read the newspapers ads and go to open houses on my own. Why should I work with an Broker?
Because an Broker can systematically screen all the currently available properties for you. This saves you time by narrowing your search to the relatively few that meet your criteria.

2.      Should I (the buyer) have as many real estate Brokers as possible working for me?
No . Your interests are best served by entering into a working relationship with one Broker and entrusting that person with the information needed to find the best property for you. As you look at properies together, you and your Broker will then develop a more detailed understanding of your preferences. Your Broker can then examine new listings with a sharper picture of what you are looking for in a property. Every real estate Broker has access to the same information through the multiple listing service, magazines, and newspaper ads.

3.      What is my obligation, if any, to my Broker?
Simply, to make all offers to purchase through him or her.

4.       When I visit open houses (without my Broker) and the agent who is there tries to sell me the house, what should I do?
First, tell the open house agent that you are already working with a Broker. If you are interested in making an offer on the house, contact your Broker immediately and have him/her pursue the matter. You have the right to use your Broker to write up the offer.

5.      How much does having a Buyer's Broker cost?
Nothing. Sellers pay the real estate commission. If an agent from another company finds a buyer, the listing office splits the commission with the selling company. The great thing about this for the buyer is that you can have someone working for you at no charge.

6.   As a Seller, how much is the commission?

      Commissions are negotiable by law.

7.  As a Seller, can I use more than one Broker?

      No. A Seller signs a contract employing one Broker. There are a few different types of Seller's contracts.

8.    How do I choose a Realtor Broker?
In today's market, selling and purchasing a home can be a very involved and complicated process. It is essential to find a Realtor who is a qualified Broker and dedicated to providing you with the best representation. Look for an experienced, full-time professional Broker who knows the market in your area or the area in which you are interested in purchasing a property. Determine if they know the available inventory in your location and price range. Ask for-and check-references. Your Realtor should have the time and energy to devote to your needs. Perhaps most importantly, choose a Broker with whom you have a personal rapport. Buying or selling a home is an intimate type of business transaction. Trying to go through the process with someone you can't relate to will not work. Find a qualified Broker who you enjoy working with, one who matches your personality and meets your individual needs. This will make the home selling or buying experience much more enjoyable.

I provide Real Estate services that are confident, honest and ethical. I communicate with my clients, and I listen to their needs. My integrity, professionalism and long term career outlook combine to make me trustworthy, patient, and dedicated to providing my clients with the best representation.

Remember to always use a Broker as your Realtor. A Broker has more education, knowledge and experience.

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